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We are helping church leaders move past growth barriers and into the Movement of Jesus. I’m here for you and your church – as your coach, mentor, friend and fellow pastor. 


Your Guide To Growth...

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Vision is not a plan we dreamed up. It’s not a dream we have planned out. It’s a dream we are planning for!

Vision must vary in form and function. Vision must range from a lifetime to a season, from descriptive to prescriptive, from nearly impossible to measurable.

The Vision Spectrum brings clarity to the necessary layers of your church's vision.

Who is Leadership Coaching for?

My coaching program is especially designed for church leaders who want to grow their church, their people and their leadership.

If you're stuck at any of these growth barriers, here's how I can help you leap over those hurdles...

  • Stuck at the 200 weekend attenders barrier? You probably need to develop a clear vision to motivate and inspire your church. I can help you plan for growth.
  • Stuck at the 500 weekend attenders barrier? You're probably trying to do it all yourself. I can help you get the right people on your team. 
  • Stuck at the 1,000 weekend attenders barrier? You need an aligned strategy. I can help your team start running together toward the same goal.

I knew I couldn’t plant the kind of church God was calling me to plant without great coaching. Tommy Bowman has been that coach. Tommy’s first hand experience leading other church plants and his top-notch strategic thinking abilities not only put us in a position to launch a new church well but has helped us thrive throughout our first year. Tommy’s coaching has been exceptional and invaluable.
— Kevin Sampson // Lead Pastor, Renewal Church in Chicago, IL


Church planters who have coaches in their first 4 years experience 25% more growth.

 – Source: Christianity Today –