Something has awakened within you... questions are surfacing. You may be unsure of what to do next. And that's OK. It's time to start living with purpose.


Check out this quick LifePlan video...

LifePlan is a 2-Day intensive journey through:
  • Awakening & Awareness
  • Searching & Discovery
  • Surrendering & Owning
  • Sifting & Focusing
  • Adapting & Renewing



Who is LifePlan for?

Well, it was definitely for me. So much so that I felt like I needed to pass this tool on to others.

Too many people within the Church, whether full-time staff or volunteer, are unclear about their calling and purpose in life. Through LifePlan, I discovered:

  • My life purpose
  • My values
  • My rest replenishment cycle.
  • My past and how it has shaped me for tomorrow
  • My career and how it's aligned (or isn't) with my talent and heart
  • and so much more...


The LifePlan experience is a one-on-one, two day intensive, intended to help you discover your unique design, clarify your life mission, and apply your discoveries to all areas of life.

A signature mark of the LifePlan process is a heavy emphasis on gaining full perspective. Accordingly, the first day and a half is spent reaching full perspective on where you stand today, how you got to where you are, and who you feel called to be and become (and consequently, who you shouldn't be or become). The process moves you into further clarity and breakthroughs in what we refer to as your LifeDomains: Personal, Family, Work, Spiritual, and Community. The last half-day is spent crafting plans for each life domain and creating a framework to help you manage and renew your LifePlan in the future.

The LifePlan process guides you to deeper awareness of your giftedness and your life’s purpose. At the end of two days, you will have gained greater clarity, focus, direction and hope, as well as a practical plan to realize your new vision for life. 

Your LifePlan Includes...

2 Day LifePlan Facilitated by Tommy Bowman

LifePlan to be hosted at The Day Offices

All meals on Day 1 provided by The Guide Group

Breakfast and Lunch on Day 2 provided by The Guide Group

1 night stay at Hilton Indian Lakes Resort

1 day pass to workout at LifeTime Fitness

TownCar for pickup and drop-off at O'Hare or Midway airports

Your entire LifePlan to bring home with you in this document tube!